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Your visitors don’t give a sh*t if your site is responsive,” — Brad Frost

All they want is fast and smooth functionality, no matter which technology you use. Amazon conducted an experiment to find out the drop in the revenue with increasing page loading speed and as a result they discovered that even a delay of even one-tenth of a second affected the revenue negatively.

In A/B tests, we tried delaying the page in increments of 100 milliseconds and found that even very small delays would result in substantial and costly drops in revenue.”  Greg Linden

An exponential growth in the size was seen in 2010, when the size of the websites grew from 320 kb to 600kb. Further, with time it kept on increasing and has now reached 2 kb.

Though the growing size was not a problem anymore, as the there was also a considerable increase in the speed and reliability of bandwidth as well, but the major source of problem was the proliferation of mobile devices.

Responsive wordpress theme

Above-the-fold Content

Delivering “above-the-fold” content in minimal time will keep your users engaged and this further helps you to deliver optimal performance. In order to manage the performance of your content which is “above-the-fold”. As we are well aware that users tend to abandon those pages which have a very low rendering speed. In order to improve them you need to minimize the number of round trips and redirects which avoids external blockages in CSS and JavaScript.

Use of JavaScript MatchMedia

It is the quality of browsers to load and parse all the styles and selectors which are designed for all the devices. By the virtue of this even the mobile browsers will download and parse the designs made for screens of larger size as well. This further waste the milliseconds to load them over a cellular network. In order to avoid this you need to search for ways to load the design CSS for that specific mobile device only.

Asset Loading

In order to optimize third party scripts, Asset loading plays a key role. The performance of your website is very much contingent upon it, as it is responsible for single point failures if they do not load. For a good performance of your website you need to load the script asynchronously. In order, to optimize your performance, you can just load the requisite resources such as images, CSS and JS.

Server side optimization

In order to improve the performance of your website in terms of usability and speed, you can keep a single code base for every server-side. Attributes which needs to be considered are touch capabilities, network type, device type , screen size and many more. Further, it should be based on the device first rule, which implies that the content necessary for that device must be loaded first. In order to optimize the performance of your responsive website, you need to intermix the client as well as server side responsibilities to get excellent improvement in your performance.

Tools for RWD Code Performance Evaluation

User experience is not depended on only one or two factors, wherein it is a collaboration of certain events which are responsible for a holistic user experience. In order, to measure its performance you need to note down the time it takes for a page to be seen by the users.

Though there are various tools available in the market which can provide you complete statistics of your websites’ performance and they further recommend you steps to further improve the performance of your web app.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google’s PageSpeed Insight is one of the best tool to gauge the performance of your app along with perfomance improvement recommendations.

Webpage Test

Webpage test is an important tool to measure the performance of your responsive website as it for real case scenarios with browsers and devices to give you recommendations about the performance improvements of your website.

Adobe Edge Inspect

Testing is has become one of the most crucial part of web development lifecycle and sometimes it is because of the testing which cause unnecessary deadline delays and budget overruns. Adobe’s Edge Inspect tool, helps you to auto-refresh all the devices connected to it to meter your responsive websites’ performance. Moreover, it allows you to check the performance of your responsive website on a remote device.


Mobitest is yet another tool for testing the performance of your responsive website. All you need to use this tool is to put the URL of website on the given space mentioned on their website and hit on the “Run Performance Test” button. You will get results in the following form.

  1. Average load time of your responsive website

  2. Page size of your web page

  3. Waterfall chart.


Sales of mobile devices is just becoming mind blasting from mind blowing and same is with the number of users who shopping or scouring on net online. With this you can imagine how hard it will hit your business if you are not ready to bang the mobile world.

Now, it’s not the time to mechanize, but to optimize!

Sales of mobile devices is just becoming mind blasting from mind blowing and same is with the number of users who shopping or scouring on net online. With this you can imagine how hard it will hit your business if you are not ready to bang the mobile world.

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