Artist Draws with Sunshine


Jordan Mang-osan is a Solar Artist

Jordan Mang-osan, a Filipino “solar” artist, creates amazingly detailed drawings using a magnifying glass and the powerful rays of the sun. As a kid, we’ve all experimented with burning things with an eye glass, but what if we tried etching an image instead? Jordan Mang-osan does just that — he focuses the sun’s rays onto a large wooden canvas. Mang-osan’s burned art originals often depict cultural or historic life of his Igorot people from Cordillera Central, a massive mountainous region on the island of Luzon, in the Philippines.




Here are some recent photos of a solar drawing workshop from Mang-osan’s Facebook page. I bet the technique takes a great deal of patience, but might be the perfect lazy-day summer drawing activity.




Story and images via Bored Panda and Jordan Mang-osan

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