Coloring Books Aren’t Just For Kids

[Image via Amazon] By now, you’ve probably heard about this best-selling coloring book that has sold over a million and a half copies. Suddenly it seems that “adult” coloring books are trending — they’re not R-rated, but created with an older audience in mind. Why the sudden popularity? NBC News reports that coloring is calming. Lisa Congdon, artist/author of several Just Add Color titles: Botanicals, Geometric […]

The art of Vencent Ko

Vencent Ko is an extraordinarily successful painter – he had his first showing at the Sydney Affordable Art Fair. Having seen is work in person (and owning some), I can vouch first hand how beautiful his work is, and the visual depiction of music/rhythm he has in his Musique series and Ballerina series of paintings. […]

A mother collaborates with her 4-year old daughter to produce some wonderful art

Busy Mockingbird's Mother Daugther Drawing

Images sources: Artist Mica Angela was reluctant to share her sketchbook with her 4-year old daughter, according to her blog, but when she did, so fantastic collaborative work emerged! Have a look at these wonderful artworks below. When you’ve have a look, don’t forget to head over to Mica’s blog to read more about […]