Polygon Art

Using vector based triangles to generate portraits of people, animals and buildings is beginning to be used more frequently in graphic design. It is worth investing many hours into practising this method of graphic design as it is one of many great skills to add to your kit.  Hope Little has created her own ‘Trianimal […]

5 Factors to Consider When Creating Graphics For Mobile Devices

As you know, new mobile devices are being developed and released quite frequently. And designing effective graphics for each of the newly developed mobile device can be challenging. Besides, designing graphics for mobile devices is a lot different from desktop devices. And thus, it becomes needful for web designers to understand the complexities they need […]

Designer vs Developer average global salaries infographic

According to the data gathered by staff.com, Australia has emerged to be the highest paying country, on average, in various roles from graphic designer to senior web developer. Have a look for yourself and see how you compare on this interactive infographic below, which shows average salaries around the globe from graphic designer to senior […]

Creative advertisements Campaign of Doodle Social Fest in India

Thousands of people sending their entry for Doodle Social Fest in the category like print ads, video films. Inauguration and Prize distribution is done by famous peoples. When days reducing for the doodle fest then Increases curiosity about that and reverse countdown started. Shashikant Gavli sir uses their advertising techniques and creates new advertisements of […]