Cherry Red Lips Vector Painting

Ruby Red Lips Pouting Painting Vector based artwork | Bella Art Gallery, Paul Gleave

Here’s a great artwork find. This is a vector based abstract artwork of lips. A great style that resembles the marker rendering style of commercial illustration, the artist created these based on one of his abstract lips paintings he produced some years earlier, pictured below.

Ruby Lips Pouting | Bella-Art-Gallery | Admarks Design


The original painting is acrylic painting and varnish on canvas, measuring 1.5 metres by 1 metre, and is title Ruby Lips Pouting. The original was painted in 2007.

The artists states:

I work as a graphic design and also produce commercial illustration work in Adobe Illustrator. I decided to revisit some of my previous artworks and re-work them as vector artwork. In 1998, I used to work in London as a commercial illustrator in the advertising industry, producing marker drawings that were fast worked illustrations with a lively feel. This is the influence for my vector illustration work.

The artist (known as PG), took a break from painting in 2010.

I used to run a commercial art gallery, and closed it in 2010. Around the same time I stopped painting. I now paint under my initials PG, and brand my work as Bella Art Gallery.

This particular piece is on my Red Bubble page, and has been provided at ultra high resolution so that range of products can be produced such as large prints and duvet covers.

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