Commendable Practices For Optimizing A WP Site For Search Engine

No doubt, WordPress is a remarkable web development tool that has incessantly grown from a simple blogging platform to a fabulous CMS (Content Management System). Today, it is powering around a quarter of the Internet, and this epitomize the worldwide popularity of the platform. There are numerous utile features of WP that make it a much sought after choice not only for the users, but also for the developers.

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Although this open source platform delivers valuable results and enables one to create and maintain his online presence with a flair, but when it is about SEO, it is required to be nudged in the correct direction. If you are not endeavoring to optimize your website for search, unfortunately, you are missing on a lot of potential.

While considering the fact that SEO is not as simple as developing a WordPress site, this article will uncover some ultimate techniques to help you augment the online visibility of your site and bring in the potential business. There are several aspects to keep in mind for better SEO. Let’s explore some useful practices that can heighten your business by improving your search engine ranking and eventually, driving a great traffic to your site that can benefit you.

1. Configure Pretty Permalinks

Whenever you publish a new web page or post, a new URL structure is created. Although there is a default setting available that facilitates the permalink set up, it is not advisable to use that default setting. This is because it doesn’t offer a worthy solution, as it doesn’t make the page or post link legible to search engines.

Fortunately, WP allows one to create SEO friendly URLs with ease by supporting a fabulous solution to it. You can efficiently tweak the permalink structure on a new WP site. However, to generate a readable and illustrative URL (a pretty permalink) for an existing website that already features some content, one has to work more cautiously. This is so because, it can produce broken links, which is obviously something that you won’t want on your site.

2. Apply Nofollow On The Untrusted And Useless Links

If a URL has an attribute rel = ”nofollow”, it indicates search engine bots that the linked web page is not reliable. Moreover, it also makes it certain that the linked web page doesn’t get any benefits of the page rank of the website. Therefore, it is always recommended to configure useless and untrusted links (like premium advertisements, RSS feed, etc.) as nofollow.

3. Integrate .xml Sitemap

There is no dearth of resourceful plugins in the WP repository. You can seek a prolific plugin that can augment the development of .xml sitemaps for your WP site. Having an appropriate .xml sitemap is imperative, as it offers a list of links to all the web pages of your website to search engines, including Google. This will eventually help quickly get a better search rank for your web content. And, this info is often provided in the .xml format.

4. Use Search Engine Optimized Plugins & Themes

Keeping the significance of SEO in mind, many professionals have developed search engine optimized themes and plugins. This has enabled WP site owners to rev up the loading speed and revamp the performance of their sites.

To achieve this, WP developers have worked on both the code and speed of themes. With a clean code, developers have made it certain that their result is compliant with the latest SEO trends. It includes an optimal usage of canonical URL, meta tags, neat and uncluttered structure with valid HTML, and an appropriate usage of meta title tags and heading, to name a few.

5. Install Plugins To Search Engine Optimize Your Site

You may also choose to download and install a plugin to optimize your WP site for search. There are numerous SEO plugins in the WP repository, you can easily find the optimal options to accomplish almost every simple to complex tasks that can enhance the SEO. You may install WordPress SEO by Yoast, Siteground, or any other plugin that offers effective and efficient solutions to your requirements.

For instance, there are numerous plugins, including Jetpack, MaxCDN, etc., that can offer a proficient CDN (Content Data Network). This can amazingly improve the loading speed of your site, which will certainly add to better SEO.

Wrapping Up

Instead of scratching your head about WP SEO, implement these incredibly useful techniques and boost the SEO of your WordPress powered website with a breeze. This will certainly help you drive potential visitors to your website, who can benefit your business. Thus, it is recommended to take these tips thoroughly into account and create an invaluable online presence.

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