How to set up Google Analytics – the next steps


Here’s a great read we found today. Most people know how to set up Google Analytics. You add your site, generate your code snippet, add that to your site, and then log in to check stats after some time has elapsed.

Here’s a post we found by Orbit Media Studios on five easy additional steps you can take once you have added the code snippet to your site, that they suggest actually finish off your Google Analytics set-up. Once done, you can get more from your analytics data.

Have a read on what they suggest should be done to complete the set-up. of course, you can do heaps more, but really, what’s suggested in the post is the minimum that should be done to get things going and get a little more from your data.

I especially like their suggestion to filter out your own IP address so that your own site visits don’t get added to the stats. Let’s face it, when you’re working on your site, you don’t want that data in the way of real visitor data.

Click the link below to read their post.


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