How to Upgrade your Joomla Website from V2.5 to Joomla V3.x?

If you are currently using the 2.5 version of Joomla, it’s time for an upgrade. You might have noticed a newer and promisingly better version of Joomla has come by, the version 3.x. So, here’s your 7 step method to upgrade to the newer version. It is easy, and you are going to love the new version as much as you did the old version, probably more.

Take a Backup
Before you begin with the upgrade, you need to take a backup of the existing site. This is so as to avoid any issues that might occur when you are upgrading, like loss of data. It is important that you use a good tool to backup your site; akeeba backup tool is suggested.

Updated Version of 2.5
It is important to have the updated version of Joomla 2.5 installed, in case you are planning to upgrade. You can check if the version is the updated one or not using the control panel settings. Check for “Joomla is up-to-date” to know if you can upgrade to 3.x version or not.

Updated JoomlaShine Products
Check for JoomlaShine products installed to your website. Update all the products, like templates and extensions, before moving forward with the upgrade.

Check for Compatibility
You will need to check for compatibility with Joomla 3.x version. Check for the technical requirements and match it with the existing technical settings on your Joomla website. This comparison will give you an idea about compatibility.

Update the Version
Go to Components>Joomla Update. Here you will need to click on options, present along the top right corner. Click on short term support. Once you have selected, click on save and close the window. Now, click on install the update button. Wait for the interface of Joomla 3.x

Update JoomlaShine
Once you have updated the Joomla version to 3.x, it is time to update JoomlaShine products to 3.x

Validate your Database
Once you have updated the versions of Joomla, you will need to check the database for errors. Go to extensions>extension manager>database and check for log errors.

If there are no errors, this simply means you have installed the update perfectly. Now, explore the updated version of Joomla and have fun.

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