Optimize Your Joomla Website in 5 Easy Ways


Web design and optimizing the website go hand in hand. When you have the design ready, you should ideally start optimizing it so that you are able to make your brand visible to the millions. Optimizing is essential irrespective of the platform you are designing on. Here are 10 easy ways that will help you optimize your Joomla website.

Keyword Optimization for Title Tag
Search crawlers look out for the title tag, and it is given a higher priority. So, when you begin optimizing your website, it is important to first optimize the title tag. Include a keyword, relevant to your brand, in the title tag. Generally, in Joomla, the title of the article is used in the title tag. So, when working on a post, remember to be very careful about framing the title of the post.

Anchoring the Inbound Link
With the keyword research, you must have identified some keywords that your consumers relate to. Use these keywords to provide inbound links to your posts. With such link building, you will improve your ranking on the search engines.

Include Search Friendly URLs
If your URL is readable, and includes rich keywords, they are considered search engine friendly. The reason being such URLs are quickly indexed by search engines and the crawlers reach them faster. It should be short, interesting and easy to comprehend.

Install a Sitemap
For a website to attain the pinnacle of optimization, it is important to have a sitemap that has been submitted to the webmaster. Create HTML or XHTML sitemap which will help Google crawl through your website, and have good knowledge about all the pages within your website. Xmap is an extension available on Joomla which will help you with installing the sitemap and helping Google crawl through the website.

Alt+Tags for Images
Alt+Tags are important optimizers for your website. There will be people who cannot view the image, the alt+tag will offer a textual explanation on the images to your audience. It is also important in order to give an explanation on these images.

At the same time, you should also optimize your robots.txt which will help the crawlers understand where they can or cannot go on your website. Remove disallow on your images folder in robots.txt file so that images can be indexed.

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