Power of nopCommerce

Use the power of nopCommerce, to enjoy mobile friendly themes and to build a steady shopping cart on ASP.Net. It is enabled with several features that has empowered the developers with free solutions along with mature and a secured e-Commerce platform. The following features have accelerated the power of nopCommerce.

  • Unlimited product uploads
  • Responsive Design with mobile-friendly themes
  • Multiple browser compatibility
  • Fast page navigation
  • State-of-the-art administration tools
  • Stunning design themes
  • Easy website development and management
  • Readily available free solution
  • A mature, secure, and exceptionally flexible eCommerce platform
  • SSL support
  • Rich pluggable modular or layered architecture with powerful functionalities
  • Popular gateways e.g. PayPal, Google Checkout
  • A steady ASP.net shopping cart system

Unlimited product uploads
Ecommerce is designed with a provision to cater to unlimited product uploads like unlimited category names, uploading image or displays for each category. You have test mode simulation in the category upload for ensuring correct results for a real upload. It has a preview mode, which ensures that your spreadsheet works for the first time.

Responsive Design with mobile-friendly themes
nopStyle is a nopCommerce responsive theme. It is powered by Bootstrap and is completely responsive. It extends support to all modern platforms like mobile devices to tablets, laptops etc. with different resolution and screen size.

Multiple & cross browser compatibility
It comes with different buttons, to behave differently in different browsers, for a better multi-browser and cross browser experience. While customizing or recreating your own theme of choice makes sure that, the styling is compatible with multiple browsers. One can add classes to multiple elements.

Fast page navigation
nopAccelerate has integrated Apache Solr in nopCommerce, for a complete site text search result and for a faster faceted navigation. It adds a number of features to nopCommerce making it fast and powerful. The nopSolr Navigation and nopAccelerate makes your catalog navigation pages more layered. It improvises a responsive faceted navigation for nopCommerce.

State-of-the-art administration tools
The state of art solution in nopCommerce is highly commendable and testified. It is open source ecommerce software, which has a catalog frontend and a tool of administration at the backend. It offers the users meticulous solutions for development.

Stunning design themes
It is easy to create a basic theme in nopCommerce through the Visual Studio. The Nop Tiffany Theme in nopCommerce is a complete package with great features, superb functionality and a beautiful responsive design. This theme is a great combination of design and superb functionality that has made the script of nopCommerce much easier to use.

Easy website development and management
nopCommerce has come up with easy website development and management. It offers great web services and solutions. The modular architecture makes it easy for the developers to create and manage websites faster and better. Website development and management in nopCommerce offers comprehensive features that can be used easily for the any new online business or if you are dealing with an old one, it can also be hosted with the current web host or the hosting partners. It is an easy to use shopping cart solution, which is well suited for the merchants.

Readily available free solution
nopCommerce is new but very popular open source ecommerce solution. It is available for free and can be used with readily available modules, plugins and free solutions. It has to go through a firm testing method in order to make it bug free. Again coming with a beautiful interface and flexible system, the developers find it easy to implement customized shopping cart requirements.

A mature, secure and exceptionally flexible eCommerce platform
This eCommerce offers a matured, secured and more flexible, yet stable platform. This open source-shopping cart is built on ASP.NET, which is highly scalable, usable and can be easily customized. The eCommerce platform is also extendable. It offers free solutions that provides for unprecedented flexibility, which is mature and stable and can also be built on PHP.

SSL support
The SSL certificate validation provides for the highest level of validation for your business. It technologically secures your site, authenticates your website and business, and boosts up potential customer’s confidence to increase purchase. The SSL providers have come up with several versions that the user needs to purchase. It includes the trusted Register.com Site Seal for displaying your business credentials. It also has the option of new Register.com hosted sites.

Rich pluggable modular or layered architecture with powerful functionalities
nopCommerce is a fully customizable and highly usable shopping cart that comes with rich pluggable modular, layered architecture with powerful functionalities, to help you create an appealing eCommerce site. nopCommerce is completely customizable and the customers find it reliable, fast easily usable. It has MVC features like controller’s, action results, routing, filter etc.

Popular gateways e.g. PayPal, Google Checkout
It has a completely customizable open source ecommerce solution. It supports all popular gateways like Authorize.net, PayPal, and Google Checkout.

A steady ASP.net shopping cart system
It offers a steady ASP.net shopping cart system. The nopCommerce shopping cart is evolving with a very steady pace. It is one of supreme standard shopping cart based on ASP.NET, with applications that can design your commercial as well. Thus, making your ecommerce business more profitable with inventive systems.

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