Reasons Joomla is the CMS Platform for Your Business

When it comes to CMS platforms, you are definitely spoilt for choices. With Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal fighting tooth and nail to gain attention, you as a developer need to find reasons to choose a particular platform over the other. Obviously, you would look for the framework’s usability and interface factors to choose the better one.

While WordPress has become synonymous with CMS, Joomla is slowly breaking the well-wrapped horizon, and gaining more users. Let’s find out why Joomla is slowly gaining popularity with the audiences, and what benefit does this CMS platform give your business.

Ease of Use
When it comes to Joomla development, developers claim it is pretty convenient and comfortable to develop a website using this platform. You can create some amazing and incredible features on your website using this platform. No wonder, 2.8% of the websites are using Joomla. Some of the top brands have shifted base to Joomla owing to the wonders it is able to create and give out

Power and Flexibility
It ushers power and flexibility to the website. You get a rich interface and intuitive navigation, which is indeed the call of the hour, if you want to offer a good experience to the users of your website. With close to 6000 extensions, known as plug-ins, this platform offers a way to make your website usable and creative. In short, you are giving an appeal to your website.

Powerful Coding Experience
Joomla is indeed a developer’s platform. You can create some powerful codes that would help you give your users just the experience you have been looking at. Being an open source platform, you always get developer’s community help to get the coding that you wish to have to customize your website.

Default Templates
When you are working with Joomla, you are powered with default templates. These will provide you some excellent features that you can explore and using which you can create your website. These templates are loaded with defining functionalities, and powered flexibilities that you need to create an awesome website. Even if you don’t code much, you get the website designed to perfection with the right theme on Joomla.

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