Skematik: A WordPress responsive framework built with Twitter Bootstrap and compatibility with e-commerce plugins

skematik twiiter boostrap theme

Looking for a fantastic framework for WordPress utilising Twitter bootstrap?

Skematik is just that. A lightweight framework theme for WordPress, built with Twitter boostrap, Skematik provides the responsive functionality for your WordPress site. Use it for your base mobile friendly framework, and redesign your site by hooking a child theme into it.

This makes it portable, so your child theme handles the design, and your Skematik framework does the heavy lifting.

However, if the thought of CSS development and PHP to create a child theme is not your thing, the Skematik developers have integrated the Options Framework to create an options panel, allowing you to quickly create a nice design for your site that has been built into Skematik.

Skematik was developed by starting with underscores. As a web developer, I’m very familiar with underscores as a bare bones, light weight starter, and have used it several times myself when development custom WordPress themes. For those that don’t know, Underscores comes bundled with the bare bones CSS, js files and php theme files with built in responsiveness. It’s not a theme, so installing it straight off doesn’t look great at all, as it is meant for hacking and developing into a theme. Underscore is built by Automattic, so it is a great starting point, and it is free.

I’ll write a post about Underscores in the near future.

Back to Skematik. It has Twitter Bootstrap’s library of components integrated into it, an advanced HTML and CSS framework designed by the team at twitter.

Where does this all lead?

The benefit of Skematik as a framwork means that it is coming packed with some great meat as a base for a theme, with some great technology packed into it by highly skilled developers. This in turn leads a fantastic, light weight, mobile responsive site, and if you can design and develop your own child theme, all you have do is re-skin Skematik via the child theme and you have a site theme packed with some mean web punch.

And for those less inclined to get their hands dirty with code, or don’t wish to mess with PhotoShop, the built in Theme Customizer can do a bit to change the look and feel of the Skematik theme.

There’s more…. e-commerce

The Skematik developers didn’t stop there! Skematik comes bundled with out-of-the-box compatibility for three of the main WordPress e-commerce plugins; Get Shopped (WP E-Commerce), Woo Commerce and Jigoshop.

Furthermore, there’s also bundled compatibility with BuddyPress.

Of course, all this greatness comes with a price, but for $59 we don’t think that will break the bank. You can buy it here.
(Please note: we are not affiliated with Skematik and do not earn commission if you click the link above. This is simply a sharing the greatness of the web post as users of Skematik!)

At the Skematik site, you can buy a couple of child themes specific to the e-commerce plugins, as well as extras. You can also find out the story behind the project, how it got some funding from individual sponsors as well as their parent company, and more information about the great features!

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