Taking Inspiration From Other Sites To Optimize Your Online Store

Have you been searching for ways to increase the average time and money that a visitor spends on your e-store? One best way to do so requires taking inspiration from non-related industries. When looking at websites of such industries, you can gain useful insight about what exactly online surfers expect from a website that sells products or services. In this post, we’ll talk about three of the most talked about industry-specific websites, and understand the techniques and approaches they use to meet the needs of existing and new potential customers.

1. DIY Sites

You can find a dozen of DIY (or do-it-yourself) sites available over the web, featuring several projects that can inspire you for your custom Magento development. In essence, if you’re planning to customize your Magento store for making it capable of handling users with different interests without making the navigation cluttered, looking at DIY sites can help you achieve such objective.


A do-it-yourself site usually focuses on several interests simultaneously, without messing the navigation. For example: Makezine.com website only contains only 6 do-it-yourself project sections: Electronics, Workshop, Craft, Science, Home, Art & Design and Weekend Projects. Even then, the website supports a wide variety of users’ projects.

Want to categorize hundreds of thousands of tangible products using main categories and sub-categories? Looking at DIY sites such as Makezine.com and others can help make you understand the art of organizing products in a manner that still makes the site easy to navigate.

2. Destination Hotels Websites

Destination hotels sites are one of the most searched sites of the leisure industry. These sites offer, simply written yet detailed information about the stay facilities and destination people want to travel. The sites sell services such as booking overnight stays, etc.


For this leisure industry site, some of the most important elements that need to be included in the website are online booking option, details about the rooms and amenities, a toll-free number and much more.

For example, the TarryTown House is a great destination hotel and its website contains all the key components that help visitors easily access the details regarding their stay.

When you’ll look at the site design (as shown above), you can see that the design looks simple to the eye yet effectively delivers the necessary information to visitors. There are sections telling about the services a user can take up, just like a shopping cart is used by users willing to buy some products from an online store.

Such sites also help you give an idea how users are able to quickly book or read about the services – the same way online shoppers or readers should be able to “move in and exit the” online store, or become more engaged in reading about the detailed product descriptions.

3. Software Support Sites

Last on our list is a support site (either a subdirectory or subdomain) that is a good example of how you can build customer loyalty, by helping them obtain information they’ve been seeking.

For example, Acrobat.com site help provide several support docs, manual, resources and questions asked about Adobe Acrobat.


Irrespective of whether you’re selling a few or a wide variety of products, it is very important to include a support section on your site that provide assistance to users, so that they can know how to utilize the product (it could be even simple instructions about the product you’re offering). You can even include maintenance details, so as to help users understand how they can maintain the items they’ve purchased and so on.

Final Words

Hope that reading this post and looking at the example provided in it, will help you get inspiration and ideas to optimize your online store. Besides this, remember that for making your e-commerce business a successful endeavor, always consider what your audience wants “first”.

No doubt, making your website navigation and content easily accessible, offering help and support to users must be prominent on your e-store; but analyzing what’s important for your customers and what they expect you to deliver is even more important. how visitors locate products, make purchases, etc. may prove more helpful to your users.

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