The NEW Super Improved Flickr

Flickr wants you back. With a new look and improved features, here’s how they’ll win you over:


1. Super Storage. 1000 GB of FREE storage for every Flickr account. Pretty amazing, right? Depending on the size of your images, that could mean over half a million photos (according to Flickr).

2. Easy Upload. New Uploadr makes it simple to select where your photos are stored, add them to the Flickr cloud on Mac or Windows, and access from the app on Android or iOS. It’s a cinch to sync your camera or computer, and a cheap back up system.


3. Sharing. You no longer have to create an album in order to share any image to email, Facebook, or Twitter — just click an image on your camera roll and hit “Share.” Lookout Instagram!

4. Organization. Not only can you organize your photostream by date, but a new “Magic View” allows you to magically classify them by type (landscapes, people), color/b&w, or other categories. There are simple editing features, as well as the option to add titles, tags, or descriptions, too.


5. Savvy Search. This is probably the best feature. Flickr’s sophisticated search system allows you to find an image in your archive based on keywords, or attributes such as style or technique, so that you not only can find a “bird,” but one that is artsy, black-and-white, shot with a shallow depth of field (according to I’m guessing this search capability depends on how well you’ve tagged your images, but at least there’s hope that the images don’t just end up in the black hole of the computer hard drive once saved.

Have I convinced you yet? Check out Fast Co Design and Flickr to find out more. Images via Flickr.



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