Tips For Driving Traffic to WordPress Blog Using Clickable Call to Action

You might not receive good traffic despite spending considerable efforts and time in creating a WordPress blog. However, encouraging readers to take some desired action, such as sharing your content across social media channels or leaving feedback, etc. can help attract more traffic to your blog.

While there are many strategies that can help you convince your target users to take an action, you want them to take, but one tactic you shouldn’t miss to increase your blog traffic is to add a clickable call to action (CTA) button in your blog posts.

Remember that merely adding CTAs won’t be enough to drive traffic to your WordPress blog, as most of the online surfers are lazy to do anything online. And so, it is imperative to persuade them that the action – that you’re prompting them to take – will help add value to them.

Below are a few tips that you should consider to writing a call-to-action that is compelling enough to attract users’ attention:

1. Use Short and Strong Terms

Remember that you won’t have much time to convince your blog readers to take an action on your blog. In fact, the majority of readers will quickly scan your posts in a hurry. So, make sure to write a CTA with short yet strong terms that can easily capture users’ attention and compel them to act accordingly.

For instance, if you run a blog to promote your e-commerce products, then you can consider using a call to action with terms like buy, download, sign up, etc. One great way to accomplish this need is to make use of the GC Message Box plugin – that add a CTA inside your blog or article content.

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2. Use Words That Provoke Emotions

Another great tactic to make your readers click on a button is to make use of words that help arouse their emotions. Basically, you need to search for words that can help make your readers excited to read a post further.

For example, let’s assume you are writing posts on traffic generation and are allowing the reader’s to access those posts in exchange for their membership. In that case, you can include call to actions with words such as:

  • Yes, I want more traffic

  • Not thanks, I already have enough traffic

Who doesn’t want to get free lessons on generating traffic? Of course, everyone is interested in driving traffic to their site or blog. And so, using words such as above can help in provoking someone’s emotion.


3. Benefit-Driven Call to Action

It’s no more hidden that people want something in return to take an action you’ve asked them. Using this same approach, you can consider adding CTA in your blog that offers some benefit to readers. Or else, you might not be able to get a good click-through rate. However, benefit-driven (or you can benefit-oriented) call to action can help boost your click-through rate.

For example, adding a call to action button that shows some benefit to your users is more likely to get clicked. You can offer any discount via your call to action button, or could ask users to join your email newsletter and so on. And, in case people aren’t sure if they will be getting some value by clicking on a CTA on your blog, and then they won’t even bother clicking it.


4. Track Your Users’ Device

As we all know, people make use of different devices for accessing the web (and marketing campaign as well). So, it’s imperative that you know which device your user is using to access your site. You can obtain such information by analyzing statistics of your blog. Especially, for mobile users you need to think of terms that can provide them instant gratification. For example, using terms such as “Buy Now”, and other call-to-actions can help you drive mobile users interest towards your blog.

In contrary, for desktop users, you need to provide more information via your CTA. So, to deal with such users you can provide them with a CTA that helps provide them more information that they have been seeking, but only in exchange for more information. For instance, you can use verbs such as “Click here for more details” or “call us now” are two call-to-actions that are a perfect fit for your desktop users.

5 Use Right Colors to Convey Your Message

Studies suggest that colors tend to have a psychological impact on users’ mind, and can bring attention of users to your conveyed message. However, to use the right color scheme for your call to action buttons, make sure to keep your entire site design in mind.

You can choose a WordPress theme with CTAs having contrasting colors. Ideally, using an image with red and blue contrasts are considered to be the best option for a CTA – that can help it stand out from other blog posts over the web.

A Few Other Recommendations Worth Considering

  • Use bolder and bigger typography to make your call to action stand out from the rest.

  • Know what else can benefit your users via a call to action. For instance, whether your target readers are interested in getting free lessons on something, or expect some discount for staying loyal to your blog.

Summing Up!

Have you been looking for ways to improve your WordPress blog traffic? Well, then adding a call-to-action (or CTA) can help fulfill your objective efficiently. Moreover, a call to action will make your post catchy enough to persuade readers to take any desired action. This would be much better if you convert html site to WordPress for better click-through-rate.

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