What is pixel depth?

All pixels have what is known as a pixel depth, or bit depth, or colour depth.

The pixel bit depth is the number of ‘bits’ of information required to store the colour information for that pixel. In this post we will use Adobe Photoshop as an example.

When working with Abobe Photoshop, you generally work in 8-bits per channel. You can go to 16 or 32 bits, but most screens are 8-bits per channel. The more ‘bits’ of information per pixel, the more colours are possible.

The screenshot below shows this, with 8 Bits/Channel selected.

digital photo restoration-Adobe Photoshop bits/channel

This means that there are 8 bits of information, per channel of colour (in this case RGB) required to store the colour information of every pixel. This will directly determine the file size of the image. What this means will become clearer in a moment.

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