What Makes PSD to HTML Conversion a Standard Website Development Practice?

Who needs to convert PSD to HTML when we can setup a website using available HTML templates for free?!” This is a common thought that comes to our mind when it comes to developing a site. In fact, it’s a response that you are most likely to get from users wanting to establish their presence online. But does that mean PSD to HTML is no longer required? Is it really dead?

While the scope of PSD to HTML popularity might not be huge, but it’s still used by many as a part of any standard website development project.

So, what drives the need for PSD to HTML conversion?

With CMS such as WordPress, you can easily install a pre-built theme within minutes. And, you can easily drag-and-drop the elements to adjust your theme without even leaving your browser.

But, as a professional you also need to think beyond front-end development. Most importantly, you need to explore your creative side as well; or you are bound to get lost in the crowd of service providers offering services that might be of interest to users.

So, apart from merely building a site in the browser it is also important for you to understand design aesthetics for your website. This requires you to understand the color scheme you must use in your site’s design, typography and other crucial design elements.

Here are some primary reasons that might help you understand the significance of converting PSD files to an HTML theme:

1. It helps in creating a unique website design

The biggest downside to using pre-built themes of modern platforms is that sites using such theme tend to have the same look. As you may know, people today prefer visiting sites that offer them a unique experience. This means you will lose potential customers if you can’t provide something different to your clients and target audience. But converting your design files to an HTML theme give you the ability to come up with a distinct looking site.

2. Speed up website development process

Since you create your PSD from the ground up by placing your choice of elements, you are just left with turning the design into an HTML theme. This will indeed save you from having to make changes and tweaks to your theme in the live environment. Thus, it reduces your overall development time that is often spent in adjusting the site as per your needs.

3. Give you control over customizing your theme

It’s a known fact that any ready-made theme only allows making a few edits. However, converting your own design file into a functional site will give you better control over customizing the website layout.

Problems Associated With PSD to HTML

So, in case you would like to adopt PSD to HTML conversion for your website development project then there are a few important considerations worth taking a look at:

Cost: There are many web development companies out there that offer PSD to HTML conversion services. However, the problem is that most of the companies charge a lot of development fees for markup conversion. Below is a chart that will help you learn about some of the best companies that you can consider for taking up PSD to HTML conversion price and their services:

The Site Slinger

PSD to HTML is available at $179/page


Homepage for PSD to HTML is available for $129, and sub page costs $99


Offer PSD to HTML at $199 for the first page and $99 for inner page


Homepage for PSD to HTML is available for $59, and provide 50% discount for inner pages

Apparently, Designs2html offers affordable services compared to all other companies mentioned in the above image. The best part is that the company not just provide cost-effective markup conversion, but make sure to deliver a quality solution.

2. PSD must be sliced correctly: Second most important thing you must keep in mind is to get a properly sliced PSD. That’s because unless you don’t have your Photoshop document sliced in the right manner, you won’t be able to create a perfect final layout.

3. Hand-code your PSD into HTML: Lastly, it is of paramount importance that your PSD files are hand-coded into an HTML theme. Doing so, will make your design clean and W3C validated which further reduces the chances of finding any bugs at a later stage.


Hope this article will clear your doubts regarding choosing PSD to HTML conversion for your project. And, don’t forget to go through the issues associated with the markup conversion process.

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