Why C# is The Best Language for Mobile Development?

The statistical data of the C# popularity has shot up over the years and the statisticians of Popularity of Programming Languages (PYPL) have named C# as the language of the year 2012. The launch of the Windows 8 has boosted the growth of C#, which remains the dominant language of third-party application, for the development of Windows devices. It has also emerged to become an increasingly popular programming language for the mobile development.

However, there are several other reasons that have also boosted the popularity of C# as a programming language of third-party application development on Windows devices.

Cutting edge
It is asynchronous to the programming. As a first class language, it is typically regarded as boring and repetitive. It also prone to error while doing simple coding. The lambda expressions, type inference, functional-style programming, anonymous types as well as the LINQ allows a developer to write codes which is very easy to maintain and is highly expressive.

Powerful features
It has features like reflection and dependency injection that empowers the developers and offers them flexibility. An object-oriented programming encapsulates an easier structure code for an optimum reuse.

Native access
Xamarin has exposed 100% of the native APIs on iOS and Android to the C# developers. It has given them full access to express the power of the underlying platform. A seamless interoperability has given the coders and developers access to bind native libraries and at the same time leverage P/Invoke with a power to expose additional functionality to the world of managed code.

Easily adoptable
C# is an extremely easy language to learn. Developers known with the principles of object-oriented programming finds it easier to learn. Given the structure of body available in C#, even the new developers working in it are not stuck up.

Advanced runtime
With C# the coders can directly focus on solving the problems instead of detecting the pointers. The method of garbage collection even simplifies the process of development by withdrawing, the manual memory management cognitive overhead.

Speedy execution
C# on Android performs better than when in Java, owing to the availability of the design choices of the language. It has a matured Mono runtime, non-virtual method defaults, support for value types and real generic types.

On iOS C# has the optimizing compiler LLVM. The backend is used by C and C++, empowers the OS. Therefore it has the high productivity of C# and the also an excellent performance of a low-level language.

Among the Windows, Android and iOS the C# code can run over 2.2 billion devices. C# is highly portable, that goes beyond the spectrum of mobile, desktop, embedded and server computing. Xamarin helps the developers achieve newer horizons in the field of mobile development, with C#.

Reliable factor
The feature of reliability makes it easier and faster for programmers to detect bugs, isolate them within a compiled time. An important characteristic in the field of mobile development is that the build/run/test cycle is stretched for the need of specialized packaging. It also requires deployment of a device or an emulator. It has compile-time sanity checking and the good thing is the C# coders do not have to wait until their program crashes in order to find and sort any error.

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