Why Develop an Android App for your Business?

If you want to be visible on a platform used by your users, you should necessarily have an android app for your business. Here are some interesting statistics that help you realize how popular Android is as a mobile app platform.

  • There are more than 6 lakh apps on Google play store at present
  • Of the total number of apps on the play store, 67% are free while 32% are paid apps
  • 75% of the Q3 smartphones for the past year have been Android units

You can easily judge based on these statistics how popular Android is as a platform for developing your mobile app. Let’s understand why you should develop your business app on android platform

It’s Customizable

You can easily custom create a mobile app to further you business with Android. You can design the app to suit your needs. There’s a whole range of custom options available with Android which can help you experiment and explore

Cross Platform Development

Cross platform apps, which can be easily used across the different platforms, are more popular among the users as compared to native apps. These cross platform apps work best when you are planning an enterprise app.

Rich in Features

When you set to develop an Android based app for your business, you can stay assured that the app will be rich in features. From calendar, email to QR code reader and GPS, all the basic and absolutely necessary features will be well integrated into your app.

Enhances Productivity

Google app is known to get in apps that offer better revenues, and are meant for the users. With an android app you not only improve productivity but also become more visible among the right target audience.

Easy to Search

It is easy to search for an Android app as compared to other apps. Most android apps have a GPS or mapping functionality that helps the users search for the app, and get it on their phones. You apps will be more visible and will reach out in a better fashion.


Android has definitely gauged up as a popular platform when it comes to delivering mobile apps. You will see that not only does it offer to be a more productive platform for your business, but also helps deliver visibility and efficiency to your business. You can reach out to your target in a more approachable manner.

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