Why Go Agile with Mobile App Development?

Mobile application development is a complex and complicated process, specifically from the development cycle perspective. Yes, you can easily put together the different pages, put up an interactive interface, and define intuitiveness. But, that’s not the end of the mobile app development process. Your app development begins after you have created one. You need to test, upload it to the store, upgrade and update it at regular intervals, and offer error free versions. Now, that’s called something tough! Well, not an impossible task. Sit back, and sip on your cuppa while we define how you can achieve this task easily.

When you consider developing a mobile app, you need to consider the complexities associated with it. It is not just about developing, but also about constantly working on it.

  • Mobile app development faces restrictions related to size of the app
  • Your user should be able to download the app quickly
  • The application updates should be possible in a quick and smooth manner
  • It should be error free and fast, which simply means testing should be perfect
  • Your app should seamlessly interact with the backend server

Now, that you are aware of the app development process and difficulties, you should identify how agile development can help your app. For this, you need to know what exactly agile development is.

Agile Development: Brief Overview
What is the agile principle, when it comes to developing mobile apps? Agile or agility is referred to quick and easy movements. It is a project management technique which helps divide the tasks into short development periods, thus getting them done quickly, and testing it with perfection. Agility can help you breakdown a complex task into many simple and efficient tasks.

Agile Methodology for Mobile App Development
With agile methodology, you can breakdown the different steps that are a part of the mobile app development process into smaller parts. This will transform the complex process into simpler steps. You can design and develop your app, and proceed with the updates easily.

The demand for agile methodology is highest when it comes to testing an app for its working. You can go for pair development as well as pair testing with the agile methodology. You can have team co-location, which means you can have designers, developers and testers in the same room to have a cooperated designing and testing environment. You can prioritize the tasks, including regression testing with this methodology.

With the short breakups, you can easily develop part of the app, test it, fix the discrepancies, and then develop the remaining parts reiterating the process. This gives you the perfect dominance in the app development process.

When you have a complex task in hand, you should ideally find a way to break it down into simpler and effective tasks. You will see that agile development will help efficient and effective mobile app development process. It will not just speed up the whole process, but also make it more viable for you. Hire mobile app developers to process quick mobile apps in conjunction with agile methodology.

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